TV Show History

The Mela Melian Da program is a worldwide popular live show in the field of Punjabi song music. The program was started in March 2006 under the guidance of Nirmal Sadhanwalia, a well-known journalist and renowned personality in the field of Punjabi audio and video production. Government of India Satellite TV Channel D. D. This was the first musical program of Punjabi. Run under the banner of CCS Network, the registered agency of Doordarshan owned by Nirmal Sadhanwalia, this live show has created many records in the field of Punjabi song music.

In 1998, satellite channel DD was launched by the Government of India to promote Punjabi music and Punjabi culture. Punjabi was launched. Since the satellite channel technology was new at that time, it took a long time for DD Punjabi to make a name for itself among the people. At that time, TV was in common homes. Antennas were attached and DD Punjabi was not seen on TV with antennas. This channel could be watched only on DTH box or else on cable TV. Therefore, this channel could not reach the people for many years. When DD in March 2006 under the direction of Nirmal Sadhanwalia. The show of Mela Melians was started under the sponsored category from Punjabi, then this TV. The show became popular among the people of Punjab within a few months. DD with this show. Punjabi also started reaching every home. Within a year, where the program of fairs became popular, D.D. Punjabi also began to be seen in common homes.

In this way, the TV show of Mela Meliyan DD. Punjabi had its first musical program. After that the TV show of Mela Meliyan ran every Sunday from 8 pm to 8:30 pm every week. D.D. It is the first Punjabi TV program that ran continuously every week from 2006 to 2020. In the year 2020, this program was stopped during the lockdown during the Corona epidemic. During almost 15 years, this TV show produced many Punjabi singers and artists.

Concept of Mela Melian Da

The main objective of the Mela Melians program was to promote Punjabi culture and Punjabi song music. Nirmal Sadhanwalia, the producer and director of this program was primarily a journalist and also gained a good name in Punjabi songwriting. By that time, many songs written by Nirmal Sadhanwalia had been released in the voice of famous Punjabi singers and singers. So Nirmal Sadhanwalia worked to provide a platform for new Punjabi artists.

The program of fairs was organized in the form of cultural fairs in different villages of Punjab. After conducting a live show in the villages, the recording of this live show was shown on DD Punjabi on Sunday at 8 pm. In this live show, every singer in the village was given a chance to perform for half an hour or an hour, but DD. The program telecast in Punjabi used to show only one song of a singer. 7 or 8 singers' songs were performed during each program.

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